Florida Mom Earns $20,000 Sells Her Breast Milk Online


Julie Dennis, 32, sells her Breast milk online.

She sells the milk at 99 cents for every ounce. And ships them to her purchasers in a refrigerator loaded up with ice packs.

She conceded, in any case, that she frequently gets slammed by others for selling her milk.

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32-year-old Florida lady Julie Dennis has shared how she has made $20,000 by selling her breast milk to outsiders on the web. As per her, she began with the thought subsequent to bringing forth a proxy child.

At the point when the baby turned a half year, she actually had milk yet not, at this point required it. Sells Her Breast Milk Online

Sells Her Breast Milk Online


“It’s not totally cash situated, however I ensure it’s justified. Despite any trouble for me and my family,” said the mother-of-two. “

I get remarks that disgrace me for requesting pay for my time spent pumping, on the grounds that many individuals believe it’s free for me to make so for what reason would I charge for it.”

Pumping breast milk is unquestionably not as simple task!

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In Julie’s own words, she “goes through hours daily” snared on her siphon. So it can truly burn-through a ton of her time. That is on top of doing different things, for example, cleaning, stowing and disinfecting the siphons.

She further called attention to:

“I wouldn’t go into the store and assume I can get free formula, so it baffles me that people expect free breast milk. Even charging one dollar per ounce I get paid less than minimum wage once you add up all the time spent on it. That’s not to include replacement of pump parts every six to eight weeks, the cost of bags, the cost of the sterilization units and four different pumps that I use.”

It’s all a “labor of love,”

As of this composition, she has given a year’s flexibly of milk for two children for 90 pennies an ounce.


Consistently, she pumping around 15,000 ounces of milk. And sends it to her purchasers, transporting them in refrigerators loaded with ice packs.

Occasionally, she additionally gets irregular solicitations from purchasers – typically men – who are requesting recordings or photographs. As ‘evidence’ that the breast milk is really from her.

“I have always just blocked people once a request like that is made,” said Julie.