Meme on Donald Trump’s India Visit, Go Crazy With it.


It is a thought, conduct, or style that spreads by methods for impersonation from individual to individual inside a culture—frequently with the point of passing on a specific marvel, subject, or importance spoke to by the image. An meme goes about as a unit for conveying social thoughts, images, or practices, that can be transmitted starting with one psyche then onto the next through composition, discourse, signals, ceremonies, or other imitable wonders with a mirrored topic. Supporters of the idea view images as social analogs to qualities in that they self-recreate, transform, and react to specific pressures.

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Kunal wala ad yaad aa gaya


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Tic for Tat


Satya Vachan


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Aee Babuchak


Modi Leher


Meme : IItian ki demand hai


Meme : Can you solve this?


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Namaste Trump. Namaste Trump was a rally on February 24, 2020 in Ahmedabad, India. Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad hosted US President Donald Trump along with Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi. … The event platform for the Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show off their enthusiastically friendly relationship