Bollywood celebs and cartoon lookalikes


Cartoon lookalikes. Did you at any point thought of how are acclaimed Bollywood celebs will look like as vivified animation characters. We have seen the acclaimed celebs in various jobs and how they sanction to be somebody else.

Regardless of how old you are, your adoration for animation never bites the dust. With time the animation characters have changed however the affection for kid’s shows continues as before.

Bollywood and kid’s shows have no association however we have found in the previous years we have seen Bollywood taking a shot at energized film there are doing a voice over for the enlivened characters of the film.

The presence of the animation characters and the big names is stunning to such an extent that we could envision how effectively they can fit in the job.

Lets checkout the pics

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1. Irfan and Timon

We discovered Irfan as one of the bollywood celebs who looks very like character Timon.

2. Anil Kapoor and Baloo

Anil kapoor’ look in the top helps us to remember the character Baloo from well known comic show Talespin.

3. Anushka and Donald Duck

No offense this was shared for no reason in particular.

4. Arjun Kapoor and Johnny Bravo

From the apperance Johnny was the perfect carbon copy of Arjun Kapoor in bollywood.

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5. Hrithik Roshan and Greek God

Muscles,looks,hairstyle and face trim all appear to be identical. Hrithik will look overly stunning as Greek God.

6. Salman Khan and He-Man

Salman Khan’s uncommon old picture from 1992 film Suryavanshi helps to remember the animation HeMan.

7. Akshay Kumar and Samurai

Akshay’s look from the film Action Reply is like renowned Spongebob.

8. Ranveer Singh and Eugene Fitzherbert

Bittu sharma from Band Baja Baraat has same haircut and even articulations to Eugene Fitzherbert.

9. Darsheel Safari and mandark

Well Darsheel safari was not as quick as Bugs Bunny in the film Taare zameen standard however he was similarly sharp disapproved of like the animation.

10. Boman Irani and Mr. Luzinski

Boman Irani from Munna Bhai film looks is like Mr Luzinski. cartoon lookalikes